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La Typo and logo, a real symbol
December 14, 2007
Logotype is the graphical representation for a name, a brand. From an etymological point of view, it means "A word's or name's graphics".
The are 2 big groups with numerous possible alternatives.
1/ The first group originates from the signature. Thus, this results in a customized writing, as in Coca ColaÆ, La Logotheque.comÆ or TGVÆ.
2/ The second group adds a visual sign more or less symbolical to the name. This sign may come from various graphic sources, as in MichelinÆ with its Bibendum or Marc DorcelÆ with his toucan. (AppleÆ, PlayboyÆ and NikeÆ kept only their symbol, and thus almost constitute exceptions).
La, one of the most important French-speaking and international sources for downloading vectorial logotypes, and WC Fonts are happy to put online for free the collection of vectorial symbols "WC Fonts Vector".