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WC Licence XTRA

The WC Fonts XTRA Agreement

Comments, suggestions and the reporting of glitches are always welcome. WC Fonts XTRA are as perfect as we can make them. Each face contains upper and lower case, numerals, accented characters, marks and symbols enough for most latin keyboard users. WC Fonts is a young, vibrant enterprise that relies on customer feedback and troubleshooting. Thus WC Fonts are kept affordably inexpensive, and the freebies are a gift to customers. Spacing and Kerning problems are fixed pronto. Omissions are rectified cheerfully and our updates are free to existing customers who request them.

Sales are made from this website via PayPal® using a credit card, or by modul emailing. Purchasing a WC Fonts XTRA buys the right to use it and secures a license covering its use on five machines plus a single back-up copy.