Benefits of Sexting

Getting naughty with your partner over text messages is a healthy foreplay. For most couples, it is one way of exploring each other’s sex fantasies and boundaries. It is also a good way to establish enthusiastic consent wherever intimacy is involved.

For most people, sexting is a bad idea and has a notorious reputation. However, we should never confuse unsolicited porn with enthusiastic and consensual exchange of erotic messages.

There’s a major difference between the two because sexting is actually one way of strengthening sexual communication between couples.

Although people have mixed emotions about sexting, it can be regarded as one way of improving communication and intimacy between couples.

Here is a rundown of the most important benefits of sexting among couples;

Strengthens Intimacy and Builds Sense of Security

Sending suggestive and sexy text messages to your partner is a good way to express how much you’re longing for them and accounts for a strong sense of security.

It is also a good way to build intimacy in your relationship especially if you’re on a long-distance set-up. Make sure that you and partner agree on some safety and privacy measures when sex chatting.

Healthy Sex Life

Sex chatting can be an exciting foreplay between couples especially for those who are expecting something wild and steamy to happen at the end of the day.

Exchanging naughty texts can help build up the thrill to make each sexual encounter seem like the first. Couples who don’t see each other very often can rely on sexting to compensate for their lack of sex. It is a healthier way to keep the fire burning in their relationship.

Physical Validation

Sending each other sexy messages while going through each other’s daily work can help in building up the excitement.

It gives couples something to smile about amidst their busy schedule and make them feel wanted and needed by their partner all the time. Furthermore, it can also make each other’s physical presence essential to one another.

By way of sexts and erotic chats, women can get hold of their own insecurities knowing that their partners think of them in a sexy way. For men, it lifts up their male ego because they become aware on how much they satisfy their partner.

Sexting can help promote physical validation between partners. It can make women feel more wanted and can boost the male ego as well.

Increases Confidence

Sexting is one way of flattering and complementing your partner. It offers the best opportunity to tell them how good they make you feel and how much you’re looking forward to making love with them.

When you put into words the things that you want to do to your partner, you’re actually communicating your sexual desires and this can make your partner feel good.

Gives You Something to Smile About

There is no doubt that sexting can be fun especially if you’re doing it with someone you’re sexually-involved with. It can give you something to look forward to and accounts to a more fun and interesting day.

Sexting with your partner can make a rather boring and ordinary day seem more fun and interesting.

Improves Communication

Couples who are into the habit of exchanging private messages with each other have better and stronger communication.

To make it more fun and stimulating, this can be taken to a higher level through sexting. Imagine how much sexual fantasies you can share with your partner.

It is also a good way to communicate what pleasures you the most during sex. And besides, sending hot and erotic text messages is one of the most effective ways to get your partner to think of you every minute of the day.