Sexting and Sex Chat Initiators

In its simplest form, sexting involves text messages that are suggestive of sex. Nowadays, a bolder approach to sexting involves sending nude photos, videos and other forms of media that screams sex.

Most people get nervous about the idea of sexting because they don’t know how to start and what to say. For this reason, it may actually be a better idea to talk to your partner about this – how far you should go, what are the rules and boundaries, and the best time to do it.

One good way to achieve a comfortable level in sexting is to find out each other’s erotic fantasies. For example, being verbal about what you want and saying the naughty words associated with them can help you feel more relaxed about sex chatting with each other.

Sexting involves a lot of sexually-suggestive words that become more meaningful when shared with someone whom you have emotional and sexual connection with.

This goes to show that you should only send such sexy messages to a person whom you have established a relationship with. If you’re uncertain about some of its aspects, go only as far as your comfort level would take you.

As you go along, you would discover why a lot of people find pleasure in it and why more and more couples are appreciating the benefits of sexting especially in maintaining their closeness and intimacy.

Once you’ve mustered the confidence, here are a few lines that can give you a general idea on how to start sending sexts to your partner.

Initiators for Sexting

Sext Initiators for Men:

“I’m having lunch but you taste far better than this sandwich that I’d rather have you now.”

“Call your boss and let him know that you won’t be able to make it to work tomorrow. You’ll find it hard to recover after what I’m planning to do with you tonight.”

“I want to touch and tease you right now until you come.”

“What do you prefer to have tonight, pussy edging or orgasm denial?”

“I love that sensation when I thrust deep inside you and you softly moan. But you don’t get to cum until I say you can.”

“I want to slowly spread your legs wide so I can kiss the inside of your thighs and all the way down as I feel you get wet.”

“I can’t stop thinking about you. I was imagining you naked the whole time.”

“I want to grab your from my fantasies right now and make love to you for real.”

Sext Initiators are meant to get your partner in the mood to exchange erotic messages with you.

Sext Initiators for Women:

“I’m seating on my office chair and I can still feel your kisses down there.”

“Oh how I wish you are here right now to find and gently press on my G-spot.”

“Let’s get dirty and shower together later.”

“I love it when your lips touch my nipples before you gently suck them.”

“I just shaved. And now I’m dying to spread my legs in front of your face.”

“I want this day to end so I can finally be in your arms and kiss you all over.”

“I’m so in love with you. You have no idea how much your touch and kisses turn me on.”

“Would you like me to show up in your work right now and hide under your office desk?”

Creative sexting should get you in the mood for sex and trigger your imagination for your next sexual encounter.

Quick Tip for Sexting

The whole point of a satisfying sex is in great foreplay. Therefore, creative sexting should whet your appetite for what’s bound to happen next and trigger your imagination about your next sexual escapade.

So take your time in building the sexual tension. This can make the anticipation hotter and even more intense.