Sexting Advice for Safety and Privacy

There are some things that need to be understood prior to getting into the act of sexting.

First, sexting should be a mutual agreement between couples. Second, there should be consideration to each other’s wants and feelings. Third, certain limitations must be clearly stated.

And finally, sext messages should have a purpose like to strengthen sexual bond or establish intimacy.

To get started, here’s some advice regarding sexting;

Timing is everything

Before texting anything naughty, try to talk it out first with your partner so they won’t accidentally open your dirty message during work or right in the middle of an important meeting.

Make it a point to protect each other’s privacy by adjusting your phone settings. You wouldn’t want your message to suddenly pop up on your partner’s phone screen while somebody is looking.

So be mindful about your timing and always ask if it’s a good time to send something private.

Make it a point to ask your partner if it’s a good time to send him/her something private. This is important to avoid sending naughty texts while your partner is at work or in the middle of something important.

Develop your own sexy vocabulary

Take your sex chat skills to the next level by coming up with your own sexy vocabulary. Discuss this with your partner so you can decipher each other’s messages no matter how vague they seem to sound for others.

For example, using the term “dessert” instead of “sex” or sending messages like; “let’s do some homework later” to imply “let’s make love tonight”.

Here are other examples;

“Was the game good last night?” instead of; “how was sex last night?”

“I have a surprise for you later.” instead of; “I’ll make love to you tonight.”

“I want to go on a joyride tonight.” instead of; “I want to have sex with me on top tonight.”

Having secret codes is a fun way to exchange naughty text messages with your partner. It is also a good way to start learning the ropes while identifying your limitations.

When sexting with your partner, it is important to determine where you should draw the line. Identifying your boundaries can save you from troubles and regrets later on.

Negotiate boundaries

If you and your partner are into the habit of sexting every now and then, you must identify a point wherein you have to draw the line.

For example, you can limit your sex chats to naughty and sexy text messages only; or with indistinct images of your body parts with your face completely hidden.

Learning how far you should go can help you protect your privacy and can prevent you from having any regrets later on.

Chatting with your partner is different compared to sexting in chat rooms. Of course, you have to be fully responsible about the safety of your partner at all times and to be mindful about not breaking his/her trust.

More importantly you have to be extra cautious about the type of messages you send to each other because leaked videos and photos of your partner can potentially break his/her reputation in an instant.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance to set your boundaries clearly and to have your limitations – not just for your sake but also for your partner.

Practice Safety and Trust

If you’re going to send sext messages that contain sensitive content, ask yourself first; “what is the worst thing that could happen if I send this?” Try to be rational and send messages according to risk profile. How much risk are you willing to take?

Yet still, we couldn’t deny the fact that taking that brave leap of faith with your partner is actually what makes sexting feel good and special. It’s something that you do because you trust your partner and we can all agree that giving your trust to someone is sexy.

To be on the safe side, the best thing that you can do is to keep your face hidden should you engage in some erotic video chat or share some nudity. Try to conceal all your identifying marks so you’ll stay unrecognizable. If your partner truly cares for you, they would understand.

When sending sexy photos and videos to your partner during sex chats, keep your face hidden. Hide any identifying marks as well to maintain your safety and privacy.

Make it meaningful

Sexting is a sure way to attract, seduce and tease your partner. It can strengthen your sexual connections and can keep things exciting in your relationship.

Make your sex chat more meaningful by walking down memory lane and remembering how you felt when you had your first night together, how the first touch felt, how the mere thought of your first kiss sends shivers up your spine and how wonderful it all was.

From here, try to explore what other pleasurable things you can do to revive that feeling. Talk about your fantasies like what brings you off the edge and the things that your partner do to you that you like the most.

Meaningful sexting is not only beneficial to your sex life but can also strengthen your relationship and establish open communication.