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What We Do

We are a team of adult singles that study various forms of chats like instant messaging, social media apps and live chats among many others.

We are currently exploring various forms of adult chat rooms and online messaging tools where singles get to enjoy pleasurable exchange of text messages, sexy images and erotic videos with other singles through sex chatting.

In line with this, also aims to shed light on the significance of chatting, texting or messaging in maintaining connections with others – whether casual, friendly, romantic or erotic.

Our team studies the relevance of chatting, texting and messaging in maintaining connections and relationships.

Our Team

The Wicked Chats and Fonts team consists of adult singles that are in line with various fields of behavioral science like psychology and sociology.

Some of us are university students who are currently conducting researches on modern forms of communication and different online dating tools.

Some of our recently published researches are in line with phone dating and how the use of social media affects the behavior of couples. explores sexting or sex chatting and how it can improve sexual communication and intimacy between romantic couples.

At, our team attempts to explore the topic of sexting or sex chatting and how it improves sexual communication and intimacy between couples.

We provide information on how it works including some basic sext ideas, its benefits and some safety advice. Join us as we dig deeper into this subject and reveal just how substantial sexting has grown in the industry of adult fun and entertainment.